Practicing good oral hygiene techniques at home can help maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Sonia Vulakh and the team at Montvale Dental Group in Bergen County, NJ suggest these seven tips for a healthy and beautiful smile for their patients.

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  • Make it a routine. Dr. Sonia Vulakh recommends that you brush your teeth after each meal and at bedtime, or at least twice a day for two-to-three minutes at each session. Use the correct brushing technique and follow up with floss and an anti-plaque mouthwash.


  • Floss. Remember to floss before brushing. This will help get rid of any food or bacteria that is stuck in between your teeth and help to prevent cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, etc.


  • Chew. If brushing, flossing, or rinsing after a meal isn’t practical, then chewing sugar-free gum can help to clean teeth, clear the spaces between teeth of food debris, and reduce odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.


  • Avoid stains. Coffee, tea, and soda are known to stain teeth. Water, milk, and clear liquids don’t stain teeth as severely. While every food that stains teeth cannot be avoided all the time, it is important to be conscious of what foods cause your teeth to need special attention.


  • Eat well. Eating well may mean different things to different people, but consider that vegetables and fruits promote good dental health. Eating crunchy vegetables and fruits help scrub away plaque and bacteria naturally. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in these foods help protect your teeth and gums.


  • Visit. Dr. Sonia Vulakh recommends patients be examined in the office approximately every 90 days (or every three months). All of the plaque and bacteria that was removed during the last cleaning visit will return that quickly. A routine dental cleaning and checkup every three-to-six months will reveal emerging problems so that can be treated early.


  • Don’t stress. Don’t let fear or stress be a reason to avoid the dentist. The professionals at Montvale Dental Group understand that fear of the discomfort and expense associated with regular checkups can cause conscientious oral health care habits to be a low priority.


The condition of the teeth and gums has an influence beyond a patient’s mouth. Good health care and good dental care are the same thing, and a beautiful, healthy smile is evidence of overall good physical health. Dr. Sonia Vulakh and the team at Montvale Dental Group in Bergen County, NJ help their patients maintain or improve their overall health with good oral health. Call them at: 201.391.3060

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