Teeth Whitening in Bergen County NJ

Teeth Whitening Bergen County

Teeth Whitening means to brighten your teeth by actually removing the stain caused from certain foods and beverages (such as berries, coffee, wine, tea, etc).

At Montvale Dental Group, located in beautiful Montvale NJ , in the northern pocket of Bergen County,  The Teeth Whitening procedure of stain removal whitens teeth back to their naturally white stage. Bleaching or Teeth Bleaching refers to the lightening of a tooth from the inside-out. Bleaching brightens the inside (dentin) of your tooth, which then makes the natural tooth whiter.

Who Is a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Almost everyone in Bergen County is a candidate for teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. However, beware that some dark teeth are much more resistant to the dental whitening procedure. In some cases, teeth that are discolored with dark gray or reddish shades are the most resistant to teeth whitening; an example of this type of dark shade appears in teeth affected by tetracycline. Still, even these dark teeth will whiten to some degree with long-term compliance. Depending on the results you desire, whitening may be an option for dark (gray/red) teeth. Otherwise porcelain veneers are an excellent option and allow you to choose how white you want your smile to be.

Teeth Whitening removes stains, via polishing of the surface of the tooth (this is why some over-the-counter toothpastes can claim “whitening”, while bleaching sends peroxide into the tooth to whiten the organic material inside.

What is Actually Used in Teeth Whitening?

For Teeth Whitening At Montvale Dental Group, Dr. Vulakh uses Peroxide (either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) as the main agent that is used in professional dental whitening procedures. The correct use of peroxide then enters the teeth and whitens the inside layers (dentin) of the teeth.

What Types of Teeth Whitening Systems are Offered by Montvale Dental Group in Bergen County?

At Montvale Dental Group, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry — this includes teeth whitening technology. We offer several different systems, including professional-grade strips, custom trays, and in-office whitening.

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