Why are Dental Cleanings important?

Routine visits to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, is one of the best ways
to prevent future dental problems. Our routine cleanings 
at Montvale Dental Group also include screenings for cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. At our Bergen County office you will receive prompt attention from our entire team. We pride ourselves on taking the time to discuss with you one on one your dental goals and concerns, to provide a clearer layout of your future dental needs.

Family Dentist in Montvale NJ

Patients frequently ask us, “How often should I go to the dentist for a cleaning?”


We recommend you go in every six months for a cleaning (though that number may vary). Routine cleanings allow us to identify any problems at their earliest stage. Making it easier for us to recommend the most conservative and beneficial treatment options. Cleanings are also vital to post treatment care to help ensure your dental restorations continue to look their best. Coming in a minimum of twice a year will provide for a healthier more enjoyable dental experience.

By examining your teeth every six months, we also can often reduce the potential for larger dental problems. For example a small cavity if allowed to go untreated, can destroy the entire tooth and even spread to the teeth surrounding it. Furthermore advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss for American adults. So to ensure none of these larger issues occur, make sure you visit our Bergen county office twice a year. Let us help keep your teeth healthy and prevent you from experiencing any larger dental problems in the future.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.