What is a dental filling?A dental picture of a woman mouth made by an xray high resolution image 24 mp the xray itself wasn't the best made quality

A filling repairs and restores a tooth that has been damaged by decay or wear and tear over time; they can also be used to restore a tooth after a root canal procedure. A dental filling strengthens the tooth and with proper dental care has a lifespan of up to 12 years. A dental filling can also be implemented to prevent the growth of that cavity within the tooth and keep it from spreading to neighboring teeth. Furthermore, here at Montvale Dental we can also offer patients the option to replace an old filling with a new natural white looking filling.

Do dental fillings hurt?

Many patients say they avoid going to the dentist in fear of receiving a filling. In our experience patients of our general dentistry experts receiving fillings, rarely feel any pain, only some slight sensitivity for a short time afterwards. The risk of allowing a cavity to grow and spread is much more dangerous and painful for the patient than a filling ever would be.

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What are the signs that you need a filling?

Tooth sensitivity is most often the first symptom of enamel loss due to decay. It is important to see your dentist when this occurs, only a dentist can diagnose the underlying cause of this discomfort. If the damaged tooth is not properly treated, your symptoms will continue to get worse and can ultimately lead to much larger dental problems. If you notice any of these symptoms please be sure to contact our office in Bergen County NJ.