What is a crown?

Crowns are restorations that are used to cover a tooth that is either likely to break, or is too broken down to be restored with a filling. Crowns are very most commonly done after root canal treatment, or when a large filling wears out. The larger the hole made by a cavity that has to be treated, the more likely a crown will be needed. Even after a filling is put in a large cavity, a tooth is more likely to break. Crowns ride over the weakened tooth, providing strength and protecting the tooth against breakage.

A crown is also called a cap and can take care of cracked broken or decayed teeth. Designed to fit and function as a healthy tooth a crown will protect your tooth from further damage and maintain your jaws alignment. Our dental experts can fit adjust and care for your crown in just a few short appointments. With a variety of options we can also choose a crown that will help maintain a fully white smile. If you find yourself self-conscious about a cracked or warn tooth, the implementation of a cap or crown by Montvale Dental Group could be the solution to bring back your healthy natural looking smile.

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

  • To keep a weak tooth from breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth
  • To restore a broken or severely warn down tooth
  • To cover and support a tooth with a large filling
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To cover misshapen or discolored teeth
  • To restore a dental implant